About Us

Radiance Trading

We offer a range of services to commodity producers, consumers, and investors, including market research and analysis, price discovery, risk management, logistics, and financing. We operate in physical or virtual markets, and specialize in specific types of commodities or regions. We also offer access to commodity exchanges, where commodities are traded on regulated markets.


Radiance Trading Limited

Commodity Trading

We do commodities such as agricultural products (wheat, corn, coffee), Electronics, Pharma and Metals, and other raw materials. It is a form of financial trading where traders speculate on the price movements of these commodities in order to make a profit.

We also do commodity trading through various channels, including physical markets and derivatives markets. In physical trading, actual physical delivery of the commodities may occur, while in derivatives trading, contracts are traded based on the future price of the commodities.

Radiance Trading Limited

Business Consultancy

Radiance Business consultancy, also known as management consulting, refers to the practice of providing professional advice and guidance to businesses to help them improve their performance, solve problems, and achieve their goals. Business consultants are experienced professionals who offer their expertise in various areas of business to assist organizations in making informed decisions and implementing effective strategies.

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10/F., DAH Sang Life Building, 99-105 Des Voeux Road Central, HK